A juicy sparkling wine, full of life and energy. The youth and fruitiness of Rondo grapes are captured in the bottle together with a touch of Solaris. Inspired by the Swedish summer it’s a intense and joyful fruit-experience.


90% Rondo, 10% Solaris.

Gentle pressing of whole bunches. 

Vinification pure and natural with no additives. 

Small part picked and pressed in the vineyard 7 days pre harvest, to capture the naturally occurring yeast in the field. “Pied de cuve”. 

10 % juice cooled down and then blended in again before bottling, to finish fermentation in the bottle. Bottles turned upside-down 2 days before disgorging, to remove natural-crystals formed in the bottle. This to give you a more manageble bubble-experience.



Art: “Camo flague” by August Hagberg (

Design: Frida Karlsson (



Young vines from the north side of the vineyard, where the vines stand in a sandy lime-rich soil. Planted 2016. Low yields to encourage vine-balance and fruit quality. Grown without use of pesticide or herbicide. Vegetation kept wild between the rows to invite a diversity of species and encourage the development of a balanced and healthy habitat. Vines grown without added irrigation and only gentle soil-management to keep the true expression of the site.


A fruity, light and juicy red wine to celebrate the transition of the nordic seasons. In this state between light and darkness we experience the ripe and juicy fruits of late swedish summer, together with a reminder of the calm, deep and darker times that is slowly approaching.   ‘


Urskog is made of 90% Rondo and 10% Solaris.

Vinification pure and natural.

Rondo grapes have gone through a 14 day carbonic maceration before being pressed gently to steel tank, where it finished its spontaneous fermentation. 8 months maturation on lees before racked and blended with a 10% direct-press Solaris. To ensure a safe transition between tank and consumer, the wine received a microdose of sulpur before bottling in may -21. (12 mg/l) 


This wine have never been pumped, fined or filtered.



Art: “Gömställe” by August Hagberg (

Design: Frida Karlsson (

Let us introduce Jesper Friberg!

“I believe in growing grapes in an environment where we compromise as little as possible with the natural ecosystem, where we are able to put our vines and let us grow with them. I believe in working with the rythms of nature and in this way be synchronized with the seasons, to create a stressfree environment for the vines and everything around us.”  -J.Friberg


This journey started in 2016. Since then, I’ve travelled the world hungry for knowledge with a clear intention, to sustainably create wines with life, vibrancy and a sense of identity. After finishing agriculture school with a passion for soil and sustainable growth I joined Murre and Lena at Vingården i Klagshamn. The first introduction to the challenges of cold climate wine-growing but the fortune of long summer days. 


The curiosity for biodynamic viticulture took me further to New Zeeland and Felton Road. (2017/2018) Where after being trained in meticulous, biodynamic, viticulture by Gareth King, was asked to join Blair and Mike in the cellar. This was the first step into to the world of winemaking.


To get deeper knowledge of the ancient and natural world of winemaking, I left NZ for France. With the intention to learn from the people who inspired me I ended up working side by side with Camille and Mathieu at Domaine Marcel Lapierre for the vintage of 2018.  


After being introduced to Eric Pfifferling at Domaine L’ Anglore I settled down in Tavel to join Eric and his family in their vineyards and new winery. Eric passionately share all his ideas and modest, but impressive, winemaking techniques. This making him a very important mentor and role-model in this journey.


Since 2020, I’m back in Sweden, ready to present the first wines from the same soil where the adventure started, Klagshamn. With inspiration from the journey, I raised grapes on a dedicated parcel on the north part of the vineyard, assisted by my good friend Ylan Mathieu. In the cellar I’m working with presicion and intuition to give the wines freedom to purely express themselves, the place they grow in and the farmers who grow them. 


All done with love for life and nature.