Our philosophy in the vineyard

Our idea has always been to add something new to the world of wine - not to produce yet another Chardonnay or solve the mystery of the Pinot Noir. We simply want to produce the best wine possible from the grapes that grow in our terroir and our climate.

A mutual interest in wine almost made us emigrate to USA or Spain in the 90s. However, Sweden officially turned into an official wine country in 1999, a plot of land became available next to our home in Klagshamn, south of Malmö, and a heartfelt interest in, and a large dose of curiosity for, wine in combination with Murre's know-how in gardening and agriculture made us jump at the chance to enter the enticing and, at times, challenging world of wine-making in Sweden. In 2000 the first test plants were planted and the following year Vingården i Klagshamn was established.

The location of the vineyard – just a stone’s throw from Öresund – indicates fairly coolish springs and pre-summers.  This means that the wine stocks do not start to bud until the beginning of May and by then, spring frost after budding is very rare. The vineyard’s position between the limestone quarries of Klagshamn and Limhamn speaks for itself.

Our vineyard has an ecological philosophy, albeit not certified. Among other things we fertilize with local sea weed, bought from the town of Malmö, as well as with horse manure from local riding schools. Crop-spraying is carried out with internationally ecologically approved substances like sulphur, milk and bicarbonate.

Most of the work in the vineyard is manual. The harvest is carried out manually and based on the valid philosophy:”If you decide to put a grape in the bucket, you must be prepared to put the same grape in your mouth”.

Having spent the whole season working on the wine stocks and trying to bring out the best grapes, it is only natural for us to want to give them the prospect of making great wine. In our purpose-built winery we actually try to do as little as possible - most often only a few tweaks of various parameters - as our prime ambition is to let the different grapes and the location of the vineyard speak for themselves.

Our first commercial year was 2005. Throughout the years we have increased the arable land,  tried out a couple of hundreds type of grapes but today we focus on just a handful type of grapes where the green grape Solaris  makes up almost 80% of our production. The other percentage is made up from the blue grapes Rondo, Cabernet Cortis and Pinot Noir (Frühburgunder). In 2018, we produced 6-7,000 bottles from the 1,8 hectare vineyard.  

We would love to hear from you! Questions, feedback on our wine, our web site, our ideas - or why not pay us a visit? Our wines are sold worldwide - if you are a restaurateur or a wine merchant and interested in our wines, please contact us for further discussions (contact form below).